This is a very busy time in Adelaide with much going on, including the Adelaide Fringe Festival, so if you are planning to book accommodation please do so very early. Alternatively if you are looking for a lounge or a spare bedroom or if you have a lounge or spare bedroom available please get in touch with us. We will have some billeting options available. Please see below.


Hi All,

The billeting Sub-committee for the Ausglass Conference is gearing up. 

We need you to open your hearts but more importantly your homes for three days to the wider art glass community, who will need a place to stay during the conference.

Not paying for accommodation may mean the difference for some between participating in the event or not. We want as many people as possible to be able to experience the amazing conference South Australia has put together!

Billeting is a great way to strengthen the relationships that already exist within our community and will make the conference all the more friendly for all. Even if you weren't intending to go to the conference this is a great way to still be involved and help out a fellow lover of glass.

So if You have a bed, couch or several that you could spare for two or three nights during the event, please email us with as much detail as possible and email it myself. or if you need a place to stay let us know. X  or      

If you have any questions call Ursula on 0410898977 or Emma on 0405769172