Cinnamon Lee is an Australian artist and metalsmith who makes precious objects in the form of jewellery and lighting. While her work is firmly grounded in traditional craft principles, a keen interest in the potential of new technologies drives Cinnamon’s practice.

Having trained primarily as a gold and silversmith, Cinnamon has been a practicing jeweler for over 15 years. During this time she has concurrently explored artificial illumination and the light object. This continuing investigation culminated in the completion of a post-graduate research degree in 2010, which focused on the decorative potential of emerging lighting technologies in the context of contemporary gold and silversmithing practice. The body of work resulting from this research included a series of lighting objects, whose primary aim was to reflect this burgeoning potential. All these works therefore employed solid-state lighting technology and were fabricated using a combination of traditional gold and silversmtihing techniques and industrial processes.

Cinnamon holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts and a Master of Philosophy Degree (both majoring in gold and silversmithing) from The Australian National University School of Art. She has lectured at a number of tertiary institutions including the ANU where she was a lecturer from 2003-2010. Cinnamon exhibits regularly and her work appears in public collections including those of The National Gallery of Australia and The Art Gallery of Western Australia.